Cosméticos para la mujer Ecológicos en venta


A quick look at the historical background…

In the year 2002 Doctor Philippa Darbre stated that Paraben Preservatives which are used on a massive scale in cosmetic products could contribute to breast cancer.

Since then it has been thought that “parabens are not safe”.  Consequently, more and more people have become concerned about this and are looking for what is best for their health and as a result, the demand for natural and organic products has increased.


Biological, Organic or Natural? Which is which?

When applied to cosmetics there is no clear exact definition for these terms. In the near future with the specific purpose of agreeing the criteria for such definitions, an ISO norm will be applied to categorise all such cosmetics.

Below is an example of the confusing situation which applies at present




The same applies with the term Natural although less used than the terms, Organic, Ecological and/or Biological.


Certified Cosmetics

BDIH, COSMOS, NATRUE, etc… these are all Certifying Authorities. Each has its own specific stamp.


Cosmetics Certificate Guarantee

Most certifying authorities have a list of specifications which apply, including..

 Absence of any parabens, silicones, polyethylene glycols, etc.
 A list of authorised preservatives, excluding parabens and phenoxyethanol.
• Absence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
• Absence of synthetic perfumes or dyes.
• Without use of animal tests 
• Detailed labelling of the percentage of natural and ecological ingredients 


Advantages of Organic Cosmetics against Standard Cosmetics.

Why is the incidence of skin allergies increasing?

Allergies are not caused by one factor alone but by several. However it is known that synthetic preservatives and dyes can contribute to skin reactions. Subsequently the less we use these products, the less our skin will be affected and in the end it will be more protected.

In conclusion, we might say that one of the objectives of using natural and organic cosmetics is to find substances which have a low potential for producing allergies.  

Why can the use of organic cosmetics actually be beneficial for the skin?

Using ecological cosmetics has the added advantage of protecting the environment. This is done through the use of carefully sourced raw materials, the use of biodegradable materials and the development of local business.

Making ecological and/or natural cosmetics is actually protecting both our skin and the local environment.

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