Properties of the Posidonia Ibiza


Alga of glassmakers. This is traditionally called as one of its protective utilities was to wrap with its leaves the glass and ceramics from Venice and Rome, which made packaging against any mishap in travel. It is also known that, much later, the fish that moved to Madrid were packed in the same way.

Medicinal properties

The Posidonia oceanica offered to the Man of the Mediterranean diverse benefits for the health. In addition to repelling the parasites, dry and clean, the leaves tucked into the cushions were good for patients with bronchitis. In Egypt it was also used - and it seems to be still used - to relieve throat and skin ailments.

This marine plant is also known for its vulnerary properties. This is that it helps the wounds heal. The fishermen macerate in alcohol the fresh leaves that are entangled in the rigging and nets; the resulting liquid is applied to the wounds as a disinfectant.

Also for the skin

According to some doctors, an alternative natural treatment for acne is to marinate the fresh leaves of the posidonia with sea water and then wash your face with that liquid. Also ground and mixed with alcohol are used to massage the legs and relieve the pain of varicose veins.

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